Crafting the future of language learning

We empower learners and teachers
alike with ELAO and Leapsy.

Leapsy Leapsy Leapsy Leapsy

Two digital leaps
in language learning

Learnstudio harnesses digital technology as a gateway to facilitate language learning for both learners and trainers through two tools:

Leapsy Leapsy

ELAO revolutionizes language assessment by enabling easy and accurate evaluation of a large number of learners through an online test. Its management platform allows you to send tests and process the results obtained in just a few clicks.

Leapsy Leapsy Leapsy
Leapsy Leapsy

Leapsy serves as an authentic virtual assistant for trainers, enabling teachers to provide their learners with customized and pertinent exercises directly on their smartphones.

Leapsy Leapsy Leapsy

Created by language lovers


Behind LearnStudio is the experience and expertise of Accent Languages, a company that has been established for 30 years in Belgium and specializes in professional language training.

Driven by a passion for languages above all, we created LearnStudio to use new technologies to support language experts in assessing and developing learners’ skills.

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these institutions trust us.

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We would be delighted to assist you in improving the language training programs you offer, whether it’s during assessment with ELAO or follow-up with Leapsy.


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